How to participate??? What are the rules???


Join the Discord!!!

The easiest way to participate and collaborate is with the help of other ghost and/or skeleton enthusiasts! Click here to join the Crows Crows Crows Discord and learn where to submit your song.


Ghosts vs Skeletons!!!

The next phase of The Club is a SPECIAL and SPOOKY one, so listen up..... unless you're too scared to participate!!! Scaredypants!!!

  1. Create a banger using ONLY sounds from EITHER the Skeleton Sample Pack or the Ghost Sample Pack! Do not mix the two!
  2. Export as wav or mp3, max. 1 minute long
  3. Create a background visual (2048 x 1024, PNG)
  4. Optional: create a SKELETON character or GHOST character (1024 x 1024, PNG with transparency, aligned to bottom of the image)
  5. Refer to the Submission Kit inside your Sample Pack for help with the assets!
  6. Collaborate with fellow clubbers on The Crows Crows Crows Discord.
  7. Upload your SPOOKY submission using our instructions!

The deadline is the 21st of October........ it's terrifying, I know!!!



Spookquently Asked Questions

How do I prep my tune for submission?

Read the "How to use" text file in the Submission Kit, which is part of the Sample Pack. Ideally, credit yourself in both the filenames and the CREDITS.txt file to be extra sure.

How many songs can I submit?

One per person! However, you can also collaborate with someone else and it'll count as a separate submission. Collaborations are theoretically infinite, but… be reasonable.

Can I edit the samples? Do I have to?

You can process them in any way but if you’d rather not, that’s okay too! It’s fine if you just combine a few samples into a song.

Am I limited to just these samples?

Yes! For a SKELETON or GHOST submission, you must ONLY use the skeleton or ghost sample pack, respectively.

Can I add vocals?


Can I...


Can I use these samples in stuff not related to THE CLUB?

For sure! Please just mind that "A_moving_tribute" sounds strangely similar to a famous pop song and might not be the most original one to use.

Do I need a Dropbox account to submit?

No, feel free to fill in the name and email boxes in the upload form with anything you like. Ideally use your Discord username, in case we need to contact you about your submission.

Can my character art have transparency?

PLEASE save your character art with a transparent background so it doesn’t become a walking square!

Can my character be...

Yes! Anything’s fine as long as your character is recognizable as either a GHOST or a SKELETON. Make sure it’s aligned to the bottom of the image. We also request that it’s original content.

Do I have to submit a character?

No! A submission with just a song and background art is fine. A submission with only a character is also great!

Can I still submit a poster to go up on the walls?

We're not going to keep you from it but we also can't guarantee that we're going to use it!

I messed up my submission! What do I do?

If something looks wrong, just resubmit it (please make sure to add a version number to your upload so we can tell that there is a newer one)! Thanks!

When is The Stanley P--

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I have another question and/or something else to say!!!!!!